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Pearl by LaSeta

Because we are so into Soya Products here in the US, we have finally produced an vegetable product that is truly anti-bacterial and all natural. We call it Pearl by LaSeta. Pearl is a low temp product made to spread easily and remove quickly leaving no unwanted hair, but will never dry, harden or crystalize.  Pearl will never adhere to the skin only the hair. Pearl leaves the skin with less redness and irritation than any other hair removal product on the market. Compare and reduce your overhead significantly. You will also discover that LaSeta products are not bundled so that our customers are not required to purchase unwanted products.

Professional Shows:

The 2012 Season

Upcoming Shows:
ICES Miami  
Miami Beach Convention Center
March 4&5, 2012

ICES Dallas
Arlington Convention Center
May 6&7, 2012

Premiere Orlando
Orange County Convention Center
June3&4, 2012


Why use LaSeta Wax for hair removal?

That is a frequently asked question. Because we all have multi skin types, we need a product that does not require you to have many different products for the same client. LaSeta allows you to choose a basic formula to work with. You may choose to have a light fragrance or no fragrance at all, just by choosing from the essential oils collection. If you prefer a hard wax, LaSeta comes in a hard wax formula. If you like a roll-on, LaSeta has most of its line in roll-ons available also. If you like to use more than one form of wax products as many of us do, most all waxes come in more than one formula.

All LaSeta products are nourishing, moisturizing and petroleum free. LaSeta is an all natural vitamin, enriched vegetable based product. LaSeta is also colophony free and will never cause lifting of the skin like many other products.

LaSeta’s dry skin formula has even more nourishing effects than the sensitive and normal formulas, but the sensitive skin formula can be used on all types of skin including dry.

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